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 Welcome to Universal Film Magazine, UFM is one of the most exciting magazines out there. With news and reviews about films and festivals, the magazine also exposes disreputable film festivals and corruption

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This is the latest issue of UFM which is dedicated to film finance and film funds globally

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Universal Film & Festival Organization

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The Universal Film & Festival Organization was founded to support and implement best business practices for film festivals throughout the world.

UFFO is a global voluntary organization and is not-for-profit. It was created to bring together the highest quality of Film Festivals and the film making community by encouraging film festivals to become sound in best business practices. To date we have been very successful in this endeavor.

The UFFO best business practices is completely voluntary, it is free and easy to implement. In addition it is a blueprint for filmmakers in deciding which film festivals to do business with.

UFFO is also an open international organization and membership is open to all creative individuals, filmmakers, film schools and film festivals.

To become a UFFO member go to the Join UFFO tab.

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