The Universal Film Magazine is a community based effort and we are always on the lookout for good material to publish in the magazine. We publish written and video content on our website and in our digital magazine now going out to over 1.5 million in 60 countries. Everything we publish is released free to all, and will be online permanently.

We always need good contributors who want to write in-depth, high-quality, informative articles about the movies, the festival industry, film related news and project updates etc. We are also very interested in expose type articles that will help to maintain our reputation as a magazine that will tackle corruption head on. Your help in writing articles is always appreciated. If you think you can help us in any other way you can feel free to write to us at

Writing articles: A good article should have a proper title and a small intro paragraph, the rest of the article can be divided into sections and a conclusion at the end. If you have sourced any information, then you should also provide credit for it at the end. You might also want to include links for information similar to your article. Always try to write in simple terminology, if you feel your article uses any advance technology or concept, please provide a little explanation about it. There is no cap on the size of articles since this is an electronic magazine. But it is requested that you don’t stretch the information more than it needs to be or make use of more images than text

If you are sending a pdf or word document please name the document and include your name

Proof readers – We are also looking for proof readers to proof read the material we get or produce for magazine.

Please write to


Intent: To ensure the protection of both editorial integrity and contributors’ rights as they apply to Universal Film Magazine

Editors: “Editors” refer to the Managing Editor and the Contributing Editor of the magazine. Editorial standards are determined solely by the editors. The editors may edit or cut articles for reasons of space or to meet editorial standards. The editors may present photographs using bleeds, duo-tones, screens, enlargements or reductions, cut-outs and other photographic reproduction techniques as deemed appropriate.

Contributors: “Contributors” refer to writers or photographers whose work appears in the magazine.

Procedures: Submitting Work: writers should submit their work to Universal Film Magazine in Times New Roman 12- point type, single-spaced and with paragraph indents. Photographs and artworks can be in digital or print format; digital images must be scanned/saved at 300 DPI or higher. Contributors are asked to e-mail, as an attachment, an electronic version of their work to Universal Film Magazine

Universal Film Magazine does not accept articles that have previously run or are scheduled to run in published form elsewhere, if the subject matter and content are substantively similar. No article commissioned by Universal Film Magazine may appear in published form elsewhere unless the contributor receives prior approval from the editors.