The Universal Film Magazine is a free magazine that delivers passionate and creative coverage to the global film and festival communities. The Magazine is sponsored by UFFO, the Universal Film and Festival Organization which was created to support and implement a good business code of practice for film festivals and the filmmaking community.  The Universal Film Magazine publication differs from the competition because it is totally free and is a unique crossover magazine that connects filmmakers and film festivals with the wider community.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Universal Film Magazine to uphold our uncompromising high standards in professional journalism with compelling stories that are unbiased and fact-based.

We are committed to the advancement of the industry by providing the very best in-depth features and coverage that will have a positive impact in the world. We aim to give our readers motivational and inspirational stories that embrace the spirit of independent film and festivals and give them a voice in the media. We are committed to reaching the highest possible global audience, and meet the needs of the industry in an ever changing competitive world.

The Magazine has achieved a relativity high circulation, by our own estimates, just under 1.6 million to all walks of life in over 100 countries.  This is achieved firstly, by making the magazine a free publication with great content, and secondly, by exchanging free advertising in the magazine with our partners who then distribute the Pdf of the magazine to their own databases.  There is a lot of trust involved with this arrangement and only one partner took the free advertising and did not distribute the Pdf. There may be others who are taking advantage of this arrangement but only time will tell.

These estimated circulation figures do not include our banners and media partnerships with industry publications, SatCom, NAB Show, Mandy, Production Base, The Broadcast Show and many other industry and non-industry partners.  We recently started to include Music and will be including games in the next issue. We are also talking to one of our industry partners, a leading Investment Organization and the upshot is we will be incorporating and a film Investment supplement in the next few months.

We hope one day that the Universal Film Magazine will be the most widely circulated free Film, Music and Games magazine in the World.

Please drop us an e mail with any questions to editor@ufmag.org